It suffocates

Divi des

B  r e a k s

then disappears.

And the last breath escapes

As you lay lifeless, limp and frail

Engulfed in shadows of defeat

It spirals through and catches you

And you my friend are gone again.

– s.b.


At her will

Perfection at her fingertips
Reflecting all her brilliance
She orchestrates the symphony
Of thunder, light, and harmony
Its at her will the sun will rise
And at her will she pulls the sky
She blankets all humanity
With intricate insanity
She fluffs and puffs and wisps away
She sets her game all up for play
Her violent, calm serenity
Constructing with her strategy
Partnered with her special friend
We witness beauty at no end


Dreamless Generation

She sold her dreams to the universe
A time not long ago
She shrugged, moved on, she beat them down
She vowed to let them go

She killed her creativity
Joined the ranks of mediocrity
Hollow hearted entity
Formed a scripted false identity

Like many of her friends and foes
She passed the days, put on a show
She knew inside that wasn’t her
Asking always what you’d prefer

But then one day she sat alone
And learned something she’d never known

Thoughts came creeping in her memory
To a time she knew her destiny
She danced her dream inside her mind
She found her groove and there she shined

She sold her dreams to the universe
A time not long ago
But now she knows that dreams don’t die
They’re still alive, just hiding deep inside


Strokes of sapphire paint the sky
Whispers of a yesterday
That no one knows
Flowing flawlessly through the depths of time
It fills my mind with wonder
This eternal spiral, living spirit
Undying life, over and over..

I slip away
into reverie.

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